The feeling you get when you get at a place that gives you comfort, trust and joy. This is what Ovidius Products strives for. We continually select the best materials, manufacturers and ideas to provide this. We promise to innovate and design in the benefit of the customer, the future, the environment and ofcourse animals.

What makes us special? This is maybe the one and only question that is crucial for your final decision to buy from us or work with us. We care for humans, animals and the environment. This reflects every choice we have made in our lives:

  1. We only start vegan brands.
  2. Our showroom has a green fireplace and our office is almost self-sufficient in energy. We use self-sustaining sources like solar panels, a solar heater and a pellet boiler.
  3. Our designs are timeless. Also, a lot of our designs are unisex so parents can use the clothes for a second and third baby regardless the gender.
  4. We only use raw fibers for our products. We believe we should use what nature has offered us.
  5. Our website hosting is environmental-friendly. Because we mainly focus on online stores, this is for us necessary. All our online stores are climate neutral.
  6. We believe that no matter the size of the company, staying on top of the little things makes brands valuable.
  7. As parents we are able to answer any question related to baby clothing and children chocolates. We provide excellent customer support and are happy to answer these questions via WhatsApp, Facebook or email.

" We are exhausting and draining our planet. We are forcing it to run the marathon with us. When we reach the finish line together, there won't be any pure water, clean air and healthy people waiting for us. We are then left with the result of our own greediness. "

— Kayleigh Lee-On, Founder Ovidius Products, poppysmic & Baby Sam

We have always cared about children and feel terrible reading about child labor. This is one of the main reasons we have chosen to work with GOTS certified suppliers and Cocao Horizons.

There are now 218 million children between 5 and 17 years in employment. 152 million of them are victims of child labour (source: GOTS prohibits child labor and any forced labor, and provides living wages. We do not believe children should work to support their family. Their parents must earn enough in order to take care of their family. This thus means fair labor and therefore fair prices.

Cocao Horizons promotes the importance of schooling and prohibits child labor. Also all Cocao Horizons farmers have signed The Child Labour Charter. Furthermore, Cocao Horizons also empowers women: ‘Women’s inclusion in training, farmer group administrative and management activities, and other business development opportunities are key priorities. We support literacy and business skills training, and work with women and community-based women’s groups to create income generation opportunities’.

Ovidius Products has many years of experience in the corporate world but we are passionate about creating brands of our own. So that is what we did. Our first brand is poppysmic and our second Baby Sam. We have more brands, products and ideas ready for the future. If you are as enthusiastic as us, we would love to talk.

Our first brand poppysmic focuses on chocolates made especially for children with  lactose intolerance, cow’s milk allergy (CMA) and vegan lifestyle. Our founder, Kayleigh Lee-On, is vegan and has two young vegan toddlers. She is very passionate about animal welfare and is against animal exploitation. Our chocolates are proof of excellent taste without the unneeded milk ingrediënts.

Our second brand Baby Sam makes the lifes of new moms and dads but also grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends of newborns easier by offering 100% GOTS certified organic cotton baby clothing and baby products.

" We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.”

— Thomas Fuller, Historian

We believe caring for the planet is not only about sourcing natural fabrics. It is so much more. It requires an adaptation of a certain state of mind and lifestyle. Therefore we pay attention to details.


We use recycable product packaging. With every new order at our supplier we first do research in how we can improve our environmental-friendly packaging.


Not only our fabrics and yarns are eco-friendly but also our buttons. We use coconut buttons instead of plastic buttons.


At the check-out we offer to make the purchase CO2ok. Every product must be transported to The Netherlands and then transported to the customers. By making your purchase CO2ok you are compensating the emission of greenhouse gasses.

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